Glass block was all the rage in the forties and fifties and is quickly making a new presence for itself in today’s architectural market.  Glass block has changed so much over the years, from offering limitless colors and designs, to a more streamlined product that makes the decision to install glass block much easier.  

Established in 1998, GBW Companies offers experience as designers, installers and distributors of glass block and glass block products. GBW Companies is one of South Florida’s premier glass block companies. In addition to distribution and installation, GBW Companies also manufactures vinyl framed “real” glass block units in various sizes, colors and configurations in their Palm City Warehouse location.

What was previously considered a high end, exclusive product, available only to the affluent, glass block has re-emerged as an affordable, versatile product.  Let's check out some more modern uses of glass block in today's market. 

Uses & Designs for Glass Block

Glass block is used for a few applications.  Perhaps the most popular modern day use of glass block is bathroom windows or shower walls.  Let in the natural light without lacking in privacy. Natural light is invaluable, so having glass block exterior windows will give any bathroom a beautiful elegance that cannot be had with "traditional" windows.  Take a peak at the galleries for bathroom walls and windows

Another place to add glass block is in the kitchen. Add some glass block to a kitchen island for a more sophisticated look, put glass block in window openings around the kitchen, or create a glass block partition to help add some elegance to the kitchen.  There are many ways to use glass block, the application is long lasting and looks gorgeous to guests.  Take a peak at kitchen ideas

Entryways and staircases are always a great place to add glass block. Glass block can separate the foyer from the living room allowing for more furnishing possibilities. Adding glass block to the staircases can make the walk more private and more soothing.  In addition, the natural light with privacy offered by glass block is unmatched by any other product in its class. Check out some ideas here

The most traditional way to use glass block is adding a glass block window anywhere.  Whether it be in the master bedroom, living room or just about anywhere in the home.  Glass block windows allow for natural light and elegance with PRIVACY.  Check out some window ideas

Glass block partitions are another great glass block idea. Glass block walls are the way to go in order to separate a master bedroom from a master bathroom.  If you reside in a studio or efficiency, glass block walls are awesome for making a home feel less like a studio and more like a one bedroom apartment.  There are many great ways to use glass block walls in a home.  It truly is the coolest product for creating a wall that is sturdy but isn't boring to look at.  Check out some ideas for glass block walls here

Last but not least, commercial glass block installs.  GBW Companies uses more glass block for commercial projects now, then ever before. Glass block adds so much sophistication to commercial projects that business owners are falling in love with the look and durability of glass block.  Some companies are lighting up the glass block from behind or using it for offices like the picture above, or around advertisements.  There are so many ways to use glass block in a commercial capacity.  Check out some ideas for commercial use of glass block here 

The design ideas are endless and glass block is a long-lasting product with little to no maintenance required. Imagine NOT having to Windex at least one of the windows in your home daily! Glass blocks don't attract as much dirt as a standard window and thus require a lot less maintenance.  In addition, glass block offers more privacy without the need for blinds and you can enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency of natural light.  There is nothing more peaceful than enjoying the sun right in your own home!

GBW Companies Formally known as Glass Block Warehouse since 1998

Volume, affordability and expertise make GBW Companies a leading resource for glass block products throughout the South East for tract builders, large commercial contractors and custom builders as well as the do-it-yourself homeowner. Whether replacing an existing window with glass blocks or re-designing a bathroom around a light-filled walk-in modular glass block shower wall, or perhaps looking for a hurricane impact, or fire-rated glass block window, GBW Companies is the “one-stop shop” for all of your glass block needs. We are also an authorized distributor and installer of Seves Glass Block. GBW Companies is a well-known source for glass block and pre-fabricated glass block windows.  Call us before looking elsewhere. 

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