Hydro-Blok Installation Videos

Hydro-Blok is so easy to install, we are confident these videos will help anyone who wishes to install their own Hyrdo-Blok. In addition to the videos below, GBW Companies offers a variety of manufacturer-provided brochures in our warehouse as well as on our website that offer installation instructions and so much more. Hydro-Blok is a company that cares about your business, your home and the businesses who support their amazing product.  GBW Companies is a proud dealer of Hydro-Blok and our team would love to answer your questions and support you throughout your decision to work with a tough waterproofing system like  Hydro-Blok.

HYDRO-BLOK Single Slope Shower Pan and Linear Drain Installation Overview

HYDRO-BLOK 3' x 4' Shower Install with Niche

HYDRO-BLOK 4' x 7' Shower Install