Energy Saving Glass Block

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Many know glass block, also known as glass brick or glass masonry, as being ravishingly stunning in any room of a home.  Most commonly used as an exterior window or a shower enclosure, glass block offers a source of natural light to a room while creating an air tight seal, similar to that of a concrete masonry block (unit) used in the construction of a home or building.  Masonry has been a trusted division in the construction industry for it’s innovation and durable qualities in the production of new structures, and glass block falls into the same division as concrete masonry on architectural plans and blue prints.

Though glass block is a universal product, as far as what projects can make use of the product, but many don’t realize the energy saving qualities of glass block are quite remarkable.  The theme of the day is energy conservation and how to be more green.  There are several types of glass block that are constructed with this knowledge in mind, and the unused raw materials that are left over in production of one block are stream-lined to the next block to conserve materials for more efficient construction of the next product.

Although there isn’t a list of reasons that glass block will save its home owners on energy, the reasons that are in place are significant in providing customers a small dose of green efficiency, while adding style and extra natural light to a home.  Since recent events have made glass block a more “in demand” product, more information about the energy saving qualities of glass block should be released to keep up with the public demand for energy conservation.  The hope of glass block masons are to have even more qualities for energy conservation and a valid, up to date energy report for the real glass block products.